UV light disinfectant system sanitizes the air you breathe as it is circulated throughout the ventilation system, plus it cleans air conditioning coils of sludge buildup, bacteria and mold. This not only increases air flow through the coils, making the air conditioner more efficient (and reducing power costs), but it also promotes a healthy, clean living environment which means improving indoor air quality. Air conditioning coils are full of moisture (condensation) which bacteria and mold thrive on, making your air conditioner cooling coils a breeding ground for lots of microscopic growth. Even worse, every time your central air conditioning turns on there are spores released into the air from the coil. These spores then travel through the air ducts and are blown right out of the vents into the rooms. This commonly causes allergic reactions, sinus problems and even headaches. Commonly referred to as SBS (sick building syndrome), many think they have serious allergy problems or health issues as they wake up every morning feeling congested or fatigued, and it is often the home, not the outdoors, that makes us feel sick

1Why does UV light kill germs?

UV-C light (the frequency used in germicidal UV lights) kills germs by distrupting their DNA which prevents them from reproducing, effectively killing them. In nature this frequency of light is filtered out by the Earth’s atmosphere so microbes have no defense against it.

Is UV light safe for children and pets?

When a UV light system is installed in a central air system the germ killing effect takes place inside the air system and is limited to that area. There is no danger to any living thing in the home except microbes that are carried by the air into the central air system.

Is it OK to look at the UV light?

Never look at the UV light when it is lit. UV-C light can give your eyes painful “sunburn”. Unplug or disconnect the unit to work on it.

Our air system isn’t running so why is the UV light still on?

Mold and other biological contaminants will grow inside the air handler whether or not its running. Constant exposure to UV-C light keeps the air system clean.

Will a UV light system kill mold in the walls?

No. UV-C germicidal irradiation can only kill microbes on surfaces that the light shines on directly (surface kill) or that pass by in the air stream (airborne kill).