Electrostatic filtration cleans the air by using static electricity, a safe, naturally occurring phenomenon. Airborne particles are attracted and held by the static charge, until released by washing, this unique characteristic improved air flow while providing maximum filtration. The latest technology in filtration, this filter never needs replacement. An investment in an Electrostatic filter is an investment in better quality indoor air, and this premium quality filter will keep their system clean and free of irritants for years to come.

Electrostatic Air Filters not only provide maximum filtration but improve air flow.

This high performance lifetime Furnace Filter replaces a standard low efficiency ‘throw away’ filter with no modification to the system.


  • No harmful ozone emissions
  • Reduces pollen, dust and airborne pollutants
  • Less housecleaning
  • Never needs replacing
  • Anti-microbial filter media
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High dust & particle holding capacity
  • Removes human hair up to 70 microns and low to sub-micron -dust, bacteria,
    mold, pet dander, and smoke.
  • Simply remove your present inefficient disposable filter and replace it with a permanent Electrostatic Air Filter. No special electrical hookup or system modification is required. It’s just that simple!
    It goes to work for you immediately and will give you years of trouble free service.

When cleaned as directed, your Air-Care filter will give you many years of trouble free use. Failure to properly clean the filter may lessen filter effectiveness, and as with any air filter, it is possible for an excessive dirt buildup to cause air flow resistance sufficient to damage other ventilation components. To clean simply remove the air filter and flush with water in opposite direction of air flow arrows then rinse other side. Spray with ZAP!


To remove stubborn stains. Rinse thoroughly to remove remaining dirt, drain excess water and reinstall.

Electrostatic Filter Electra GoldĀ 

The ELECTRA GOLD provides over 94% Arrestance in a premium quality Extruded Aluminum, Gold Anodized frame with a durable and attractive finishes. At the heart of this filter are three layers of high arrestance material sandwiched between 2 layers of expanded steel. A special Impregnated black Polypropylene has an EPA registered anti-microbial material to inhibit mold and bacteria growth while the center non-woven layer retains debris in a maze of fibers designed to maximize air flow even when soiled. Rated by independent testing laboratory at over 94% peak arrestance, this filter has 10 times the arrestance of a disposable fiberglass filter.